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So our new site is live! We'll be more active in updating and administration with this site so we apologise for the last one being such a mess! We're fairly young still but actively growing every week and will be one of the most reknowned guilds on Ajunta Pall in no time! If you're just learning about us, that's okay too! House Thalos is THE premier guild for all your SW:TOR needs. What began as a small RP guild is quickly growing competitive in PvE and end-game raiding as well as some sparks on the PvP front. We hold two scheduled RP events weekly, so we hope to see you there! 

The main premise for the storyline is as follows:

        Darth Zerachiel Thalos was a poor Alderaan street rat descended from a long forgot minor noble house. He made living as he could, and struggled to survive as an urchin on Alderaan. When the Empire found him everything changed. The boy never imagined he could be worth anything, much less be force-sensitive, yet he eagerly accepted; and strong in the force he was indeed. In a matter of two years the young boy found himself a Darth, responsible for the actions of countless. Of course with new station comes more authority, and Darth Thalos used his influence to prove his lineage and re-instate House Thalos. With a series of minor events, a noble house is reborn on a planet in strife.

        The other Houses were resistant, as they are to everything that doesn't add to thier own power. Darth Thalos was forced to muster all his influence and found an ally in House Thul, with support for the house it was permitted to remain. With no shortage of enemies and a great hope for the future, House Thalos seeks to shepherd the week and guide good Imperial citizens down the path of Enlightenment. There are many ways to read into the code and the workings of the Empire, and what should be must be guided. A young man with great respect for the Empire saw the peace they can bring to the struggling galaxy, and seeks only to guide it on it's path to greatness.

        The time for action is now, fellow Imperials! There can be no more waiting, House Thalos has issued the call. All loyal Imperials are beckoned to join us in our bid for power. There is no doubt in the Imperial war machine, yet someone must answer the pleas of the masses! What happens when the Empire inevitably wins this war? Is the Empire positioned for growth after conflict? Join us and together we can prevent decline after our rise.

There is no Hatred,
for my eyes can see
There is no Peace,
for my heart knows passion
There is no death,
our names our Immortal
There is Freedom to live,
for I know the Force

Guild News

Temporary rank listing now in place!

DarthZerachiel, Feb 6, 12 4:10 PM.
This will be heavily modified and improved over the next week, yet we now have a basic rank description available for all positions within House Thalos! Confused by all the fuss over rank and positioning? Worry no more! Check it out under general discussion in the Forums!

Guild Bank!

DarthZerachiel, Feb 5, 12 6:17 PM.
Hopefully they will be adding a guild bank feature to SW:TOR in the near future, however until that happens I will be keeping the guild bank on an alt, with full inventory to be kept 100% Accurate on this site! This is the beggining and our time to grow, Raid Point system is to follow for all that fancy loot, and we'll be delving into PvP soon! Looking forward to great things with all of you.

New Promotions!

DarthZerachiel, Feb 5, 12 6:13 PM.
Be sure to congratulate both Fisher and Adraaj on well earned promotions to the Council!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

DarthZerachiel, Feb 4, 12 7:32 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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